Thomas the Train Accidents Happen Music Video

Thomas, Gordon, James and several other wooden trains from the Island of Sodor keep bopping into each other. Accidents happen.
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Thomas the train

Thomas the train with BCR Budd Cars and PGE Rail power

Thomas The Train

Thomas The Train – The Little Big Club in Dubai

Tomas The Train Video Based On Thomas The Train Books – great tomas the train video. The story is actually based on one of the Thomas The Tank Engine books.

Day out with Thomas the Train

Everyone’s favorite engine, Thomas the Train, comes chugging into Baldwin City’s Midland Railway June 6-8 and June 13-15. Kids can hop aboard a train pulled by Thomas and meet Sir Topham Hatt.
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My little Thomas the tank engine world

enjoy it!

”The Missing Coach” – Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends Lost Episode

In late 2003, a peculiar image began to surface around the nostalgic Thomas The Tank Engine fandom concerning a TV Series still from a late 1980s annual, of which resembled a scene from one of The Rev. W Awdry’s stories from The Railway Series (Of which the Thomas television series was based upon), ”The Missing Coach”. In a 2008 interview, David Mitton, the late director of the series from its debut on British children’s television in 1984 to 2003, confirmed that ”The Missing Coach” was initially slated to be adapted for the second season of Thomas The Tank Engine, but was dropped after filming was half-done due to creator Britt Alcroft’s decision that the story was too complex and lacked action. While many TV Series-esque adaptations of this story have been made on YouTube utilizing Willie Rushton’s narration of the story from a 1960s recording, I decided to go ahead and adapt the episode in a truer sense to how it may have aired on television. So, with some stock footage, Adobe Premiere Pro, and some Photoshop magic, I’ve created a version of ”The Missing Coach” akin to how it may have aired on television. I tried to get the story to fit into the standard 4:30 timeframe of the series, but it proved too difficult of a challenge, so I’ve just gone with the story as it originally was with some improvising here and there. Special thanks goes to Callum Walker of SI3D Films, who directed me to some things that were not initially at my disposal for the project, and

Thomas the Tank Engine: Tomica World

Thomas the Tank Engine goes on a journey on a Tomica World track constructed in a bedroom, including a mystery tunnel under the bed. If you like our video, please click “Rate this video”.
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Thomas Train Accidents Will Happen Toy Video remake

My son wanted me to shoot his own Thomas the Train Accidents Will Happen video with his Tomy Toy trains.
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Thomas the Tank Engine Guessing Game

Play along and guess which train is rolling down the track. Featured friends include: Thomas, Percy, Bill, Mavis, Peter Sam, Molly, Annie, Clarabel, Salty, Duncan, Skarloey, Mavis and the Fog Car. We’ve enjoyed so many videos that others have posted… hope you like this one. Plan on posting others soon.

Thomas The Tank Engine – Accidents Can Happen

Accidents can happen on the Island of Sodor. Watch your favorite tank engines: James, Henry, Thomas, Gordon, Ben, Spencer, Diesel 10 and their adventures – all in our second movie. And… There is a surprise at the end.
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Thomas the Train

Thomas the train video I made with my nephew for his birthday
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